Welcome to your Test Alma


Please, fill the gap with the correct answer :

1) How …. apples are there on the table?

2) In my home there … a nice kitchen, two bedrooms, a living room and a garden

3) Last August, I … to Brighton on holiday

4) … water boil at 100 degrees? Yes, it …

5) Take your coat as it …be cold today

6) Mike … play the trumpet very well

7) I would prefer that he …. to me via Skype

8) My colleagues … now

9) Susan … to be at home but … she is working at the moment

10) With the crisis, the economic system is falling ...

11) Have you already read ... book?

12) When we go somewhere, my wife always brings ... luggage

13) My best friend has ... and she’s taller than me

14) The news ... the Prime Minister is bald.

15) Due to the typhoon, ... to stay at home

16) This legendary football match has ... been broadcast before

17) Even though he’s really good at playing, I don’t like when he shows ... like that

18) Please, slow down. I can’t keep ... your pace

19) Pablo Picasso became one of the …. and …influential artists of the 20th century

Please, choose the correct sentence :

20) Can I sit down next to you?

21) I’d like to go out after lunch. Would you come with me?

22) Would I bother you working by your side?

23) Why don’t you want me around?









Please, finish the sentence using the verb in brackets:

32) Please, remember ... (to mail) the letter before Wednesday or your brother won’t receive it in time

33) I thought I stated twice this ... (shoud be done) before anything else, so why didn’t you simply did as you were told?

34) In case you get lost in the neighborhood, I recommend you .... (not to call) your old auntie Susan before you try asking someone where you are.

35) My grandmother always tells me how she remembers ... (to wear) a blue coat with white stripes when she was just 4 years old

Choose the word that best completes each sentence:

He was killed in the ... stages of the last battle. After a couple of days, the war was over

37) As long as you remember that if your mother finds the tiniest ... of dust in her room, she’ll kill you, you can sleep in there

38) I ... doubt whether they will actually carry out their threats

39) You shouldn’t …truant

40) I dozed …for a bunch of minutes during the conference